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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are an excellent way to protect your teeth from the effects of grinding or risks associated with activities that could cause damage. Orland Dental Care can assist the adults and children in your family with mouth guards to protect the teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth.

Mouth guards for adults - The American Dental Association estimates that over two million teeth are damaged or completely knocked out due to sports-related accidents. Mouth guards can be the best way to prevent damage during contact team sports, horseback riding, motorcycle or auto racing and any activity where risk to the mouth is possible.

Mouth guards for children - Protect your children’s developing smile as they get involved in activities that could cause harm to their precious smiles. From activities like baseball to football to lacrosse and many more, the risk of a mouth injury is present. Whether the rules and regulations require a mouth guard or you just prefer to err on the side of safety, Orland Dental can help you get the perfect equipment to protect your young family members’ mouths.

Night guards - Grinding the teeth during sleep can cause a multitude of dental problems from cracked teeth to headaches to jawbone pain. While the results of nighttime grinding can be severe and sometimes permanent, they are usually preventable. Orland Dental can help you determine the best mouth guard for your needs to prevent further damage to your mouth.

Orland Dental specializes in a full range of quality dental services for your entire family. If you are need of a mouth guard to protect you or your children or to prevent the damaging effects of teeth grinding, just contact us for an appointment with Orland Dental today to find the perfect mouth guard for your needs.

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